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Crown that Damaged Tooth

It Is Possible to Restore Decayed or Damaged Teeth With Porcelain Dental Crowns Available at Hillview Family Dental?

A dental crown or cap is set to fit on top and that can restore back your natural smile. This can be made for you at Hillview Family Dental if your decayed or damaged tooth is badly deteriorated. The crowns can get to be positioned on the teeth or dental implants. Used as an option to veneers they hide stained or bad shape teeth. More than veneers, crowns hide more of the tooth.

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The Shape and Color of Your Natural Tooth Is Accurately Positioned

The newest in technology is used at Saddleback Dental Centre to accurately match the shape and color of the original tooth and make necessary changes to adjust to your bite. Having the same look and feel like your natural tooth, it is much stronger and in precise adjustment.

Types of Dental Crowns Available

Metal crowns – palladium, gold alloy, chromium alloy or nickel alloy. Because they give more flexibility to suit biting and chewing, they are perfect for use on the back teeth.

Ceramic Crowns

Perfect for use on the front teeth, they are very natural looking.

Porcelain Crowns

They are more durable than ceramic crowns and they have a very natural look.

Your Crown Will Be Protected if You Take a Little Extra Caution

In order to fit the crown into your mouth in the proper way, your tooth is made ready by reducing it. A temporary crown is then positioned over the tooth till the permanent one is prepared. The permanent one is paved onto the tooth after the temporary crown has been separated and this occurs on your second appointment. Taking into attention a little more safety, you need to make sure that there is not much variance between managing your crowns and your casual dental care.

Prevent taking hard foods, ice or other hard items as it may cause more injury or cracking. The position of your crown will also be moved by grinding. When you have a crown it is significant that you clean in-between your teeth. In eliminating plaque from the crown region where the gum meets the tooth, floss or interdental cleaners like special brushes and sticks are valuable tools. Gum disease and decay can be caused by plaque in that region.

Dental Crown Procedure

If needed, finishing the dental repairs of the damaged tooth is the first stage in the procedure. The first stage in the procedure is to finish the dental repairs to the damaged tooth if needed. This is to make sure that a tooth beneath the crown is not damaged by the decay. An imprint of your teeth and gum that has been manufactured is sent to the lab for crown fabrication after the decay or damage has been cured.

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