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About Fluoride Treatment

Your Tooth Enamel can be Strengthened with Hillview Family Dental’s Fluoride Treatment

This treatment makes it impossible for the bacteria to put holes in the tooth by layering the enamel of your teeth with a topical layer of fluoride from Hillview Family Dental in Edmonton. Your teeth will be successfully covered and infused with fluoride treatment if they are sensitive due to natural wear or gum recession. It will also not only protect against re-infection after a gum treatment but also prevent tender gum bleeding caused by plaque bacteria.

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An Important Notice on Fluoride Found in Tap Water

Due to the reason that fluoride that is found in normal water is not enough to shield your teeth. Hillview Family Dental endorses that during your oral health visits you get fluoride management. The little amounts of fluoride that is found in normal water are not taken as the intake of bottled water has increased now.

The profits of having fluoride treatment should be discussed with one of our staff members by setting up your next dental cleansing.

Why Fluoride is Important for a Patient with Braces

In preventing gingivitis and decalcifications, fluoride could be a priceless asset to you if you are using braces. It helps in controlling bad breath and irritation from dentures, prevent plaque formation while also avoiding periodic rot around bridges and crowns.

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